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COVID-19, mass unemployment, stock market crash, racial tensions and rioting. Hiring today has changed so much just in the last 4 months alone it is hardly believable if we were not actually living it. High unemployment has created a shortage of jobs and people are forced into making life changing decisions on whether to wait it out or look for a new job. Companies are being forced to make difficult decisions as well about holding on to employees they cannot afford to pay or whether to close shop or both.

“Companies Moving to a Completely Virtual Recruiting Model”

Today’s economy has brought with it some very real uncertainties but there are some clear recruiting trends:

  1. A Reluctant Workforce.

  2. Completely Virtual Recruiting Process.

  3. Challenge Recruiting Skilled Labor.

  4. Saturation of the Job Market.

  5. Candidate Research and Screening More Time Consuming

The Reluctant Workforce is a result of people losing their jobs and all the uncertainty surrounding COVID and its possible resurgence. Millions of people are also receiving unemployment and stimulus checks, which is keeping them out of job market or reluctant to jump back in. We may see a change in the workforce after the government assistance runs out next month but we will have to wait and see.

Due to obvious reasons, almost every company has instituted a Completely Virtual Recruiting Process. Maintaining safe and healthy environment for everyone is a primary concert for job seekers and companies alike. Companies are conducting more phone screens and virtual job interviews all the way up to final selection and hiring. Without question, this trend will continue for the foreseeable future.

There is a significant Challenge Recruiting Skilled Labor in the world of COVID we live in today. The skilled labor pool are those that are mechanics, technicians and similar skilled trades where the candidates have a couple years of training plus certification(s). These types of candidates are in high demand. I have seen first-hand how competitive it is to hire these candidates without another recruiter or company hiring them first. Qualified technically proficient candidates are always in high demand and they are especially needed in the manufacturing and related “essential” defined industries.

Another obvious trend is the Saturation Of Candidates In The Job Market. The challenge for recruiters is not the lack of candidates but sifting through many more times the normal amount resumes to find the people that qualify for the position they are hiring for.

As a direct result of having millions more job seekers on the market, recruiters are spending more time conducting Candidate Research and Screening. For the full cycle recruiters like myself and the rest of recruiters out there, we are researching and screening vastly greater numbers of applicant resumes in order to find those that are qualified. There are also candidates that should be looking for a new position but they are not. These are the people that are hoping to have their original jobs back once the company starts back to work. Some of these candidates may be looking but not considered serious job seekers, at least not yet.

“As a recruiter, I am excited to be part of the solution…

getting Americans back to work”

So, you can clearly see the challenges we recruiters face every single day in the world we live in. In light of all of these challenging trends I am very optimistic. These challenges can be overcome. We recruiters need to continue to listen to our clients and job seekers and to continue the be good communicators and compassionate human beings. As for me a “recruiter”, I am excited to be part of the solution working with employers and job seekers alike and getting Americans back to work.

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