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4 Unexpected Safety Risks Associated With Manufacturing

4 Unexpected Safety Risks Associated With Manufacturing

When you own a manufacturing company, the safety of your employees must come first. There are many reasons for this, including the liability of your business, the happiness and well-being of your employees, and the reputation of your brand.

Indeed, as complexity in the workplace continues to increase, preventing accidents is more important than ever before. Here are five unexpected safety risks that may be putting your manufacturing employees in danger.

Poor Lockout/Tagout Management

There are many energy sources in the workplace that can harm manufacturing employees. These sources include electrical, chemical, and mechanical machinery, which should be locked or tagged at all times.

In an environment with many moving parts and dozens of employees, a strong lockout/tagout procedure can confirm power has been completely disconnected and cannot be turned back on while an employee is near the equipment.

Invisible Disabilities

According to new research, a number of employees have what are called “invisible disabilities.” These disabilities include depression, dyslexia, panic attacks, hearing or sight impairment, and cancer. Because you can’t see these disabilities, you can’t accommodate for them unless your employee informs you.

A very small percentage of employees with invisible disabilities disclose them to employers. A refusal to disclose can be especially dangerous in the workplace, since fatigue, depression, and anxiety can lead to fatal mistakes on the floor.

There are a number of reasons people don’t accept or share their disabilities, including social stigma, denial, and lack of awareness. Encourage your employees to come forward with their invisible disabilities by scheduling private, one-on-one meetings to discuss possible courses of action.

For example, an employee suffering from depression may feel more alert and fulfilled during the daytime. Switching their shift can make a world of difference; and it doesn’t cost you a dime.

Inconsistent Maintenance

When your equipment isn’t properly maintained, malfunctions and danger become more common. Your employees should know what signs mean a machine isn’t working properly, such as alarms, vibrations, odd noises, or smoke. After noting a problem, your maintenance team should be immediately informed and deployed.

Slow Emergency Response Protocol

When disaster strikes, your protocol should be clear, efficient, and fast. Otherwise, you risk putting your employees in further danger. If you feel your emergency response protocol is lacking, take a few weeks to inform your employees and update your policy. It can be the difference between safety and serious injury, and it won’t take long.

Contact an Expert to Learn More

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