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Playing for Keeps: How to Write an Irresistible Job Offer

Playing for Keeps: How to Write an Irresistible Job Offer

Top talent can afford to be picky. When you’re extending a job offer, chances are another company is doing so as well. Consequently, it pays to craft a job offer your best candidate cannot resist.

Use these tips to make your top candidate an offer they can’t resist.

1. Answer the question, “What’s in it for me?”

Your top candidate did a fantastic job demonstrating the value they can bring to your company. Now, it’s time to demonstrate the value your company can bring to them.

In the offer letter, include your understanding of the job candidate’s priorities. Mention a few of the candidate’s proudest strengths, and show how the position offers both short- and long-term opportunities to use them. Position your company as the best possible place for the candidate’s goals and fulfillment.

2. Invite them to identify with your company’s culture.

From the beginning, you may have seen indications this candidate would mesh well with your company’s culture. The job offer is your opportunity to share those with the candidate. Mention one or two of these examples, and state how they make you confident the candidate will thrive with your organization.

3. Get competitive.

Work with your staffing firm to make sure you’re offering a competitive compensation package. Salary is only one aspect of a well-rounded, competitive compensation offer. Talk up the best company benefits in the offer itself. For instance, if your company offers paid gym memberships or gives employees the opportunity to telecommute, mention it!

4. Put it all in writing.

A written job offer gives the candidate a clear, comprehensive overview of the offer’s terms. It is tangible proof the offer exists, and it reduces confusion about what, exactly, is being offered. A candidate can easily put your written offer side by side with an offer from another company and see how your offer stacks up. Your recruiter can help you create a written offer that top candidates can’t resist.

Partner With an Executive Search Firm Today!

At The Patriot Group, our recruiters specialize in pairing skilled workers with the right company. Contact a representative to learn more about how we can assist in your search for talent!

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