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6 Skills the Internet of Things Requires From Your Engineering Managers

6 Skills the Internet of Things Requires From Your Engineering Managers

Small and large companies alike have spent the last decade preparing for the next big thing, namely the Internet of Things (IoT). Finding skilled managers and engineers to help with this transition can be difficult, especially when the skills required are relatively new.

To help you make necessary hiring decisions, here are six internet-related skills your engineering managers must have to succeed:

Machine Learning and AI

The increase in demand for machine learning skills is roughly 220 percent per year. The ability to create machine learning algorithms assists in building smart appliances, applications, and products that use data sensors and other connected devices. Many companies are working to harvest data from these connected devices, meaning engineering managers must learn how to extract data and build insight from it.

Data Design

The Internet of Things is driven primarily by a need and ability to gather large amounts of data. This requires software engineers, network engineers, and – of course – managers to keep them on track. The demand for this skill is expected to grow by 71 percent per year, as the need for data scientists and backend engineers capable of developing algorithms that collect, organize, and architect disparate sources of data grows.


A recent survey found that 40 percent of the value of the Internet of Things is found in operability. Engineering managers should be familiar with automatic API testing, manual testing, Mocha, Regression and JMeter. All of these skills are helpful, if not essential, to automation.

Security Engineering

Unfortunately, attacking the Internet of Things is far less difficult than breaking through physical security. It suffers from viruses and direct attacks, which cannot be stopped without a significant focus on cybersecurity. A proper engineering manager will be able to keep your information safe through vulnerability assessments, ethical hacking and wireless network security.


All managers, even those involved in subjects as complex as the Internet of Things, must be capable of working with others. Your engineering managers should be experienced in leading, developing presentations, setting goals and outlining areas of improvement. No matter how recent the technology, management starts with communication, understanding and respect for others.

Business Intelligence

Finally, your engineering manager should be invested in business intelligence. Why? Because the Internet of Things is about the collection, storage and analysis of data. The vast majority of this data comes from smart devices. If your manager doesn’t understand the value of the data coming in, why bother having it? Important skills include sensor data center management and predictive analytics.

Our experienced team at The Patriot Group recognizes your need for skilled engineers, managers and employees. Contact our representatives for assistance!

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