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Breaking Down the Impact of Cybersecurity on Defense Contractors

The Patriot Group

With every administration change comes an alteration in military spending. Whether large or small, this change impacts the study and improvement of cybersecurity.

The current administration has encouraged the U.S. government to significantly increase spending – giving defense contractors an opportunity to use more sophisticated equipment and technology.

Why Cybersecurity Is More Important Than Ever

The threat of a cyberattack is ongoing. These attacks have the potential to disarm military systems, take businesses hostage, and hack into private data. At this time, few innovations are more important than cybersecurity.

While the Pentagon has studied and improved cybersecurity for some time, the past few years have brought forth a slew of handheld and mobile devices defense contractors can use for asset tracking, troop monitoring, emergency remote control, and battlefield connectivity. The data collected by these devices must remain protected.

How Cybersecurity Impacts Performance and Status

Defense contractors are affected by cybersecurity in several ways. First and foremost, the strength of cybersecurity impacts job performance – altering the success rate of every project. After all, how can a defense system be successful if enemies can hack into it?

Second, innovations in cybersecurity affect how defense contractors communicate with, and choose, business partners. If the government fears an imminent cyberattack, it cannot assume data is secure while being transmitted between vendors. Thus, being added (and retained) on the list of preferred defense contractors is difficult, if not impossible, when cybersecurity is weak.

Improving Your Odds

Contractors can improve their standing by partnering with suppliers that meet government requirements throughout production. Well-known and experienced vendors remain an obvious choice for most contractors. However, some projects may require a new supplier.

In these cases, finding a new vendor and staying on good terms with the government will depend on the proper investigation of all companies interested in partnering with a defense contractor. Investigation should include speaking to former business partners, learning about the company’s relationship with cybersecurity, and interviewing key representatives.

The Irony of Cybersecurity

While cybersecurity is essential for important military missions, it also threatens our troops and intelligence when compromised – making it more and more important as technology around the world advances and cyber-warfare becomes the preferred method of attack.

Because of the prominence of cybersecurity, defense contractors will always be sensitive to administration changes, technological innovations, and the standards of the Pentagon.

Are you a defense contractor looking for a new project? We can help at The Patriot Group. Our professional recruiting company specializes in aerospace, high-tech, and industrial positions across the country. Contact our experienced team for more information.

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