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Why Hiring a Veteran Could Be One of the Best Management Decisions You’ll Ever Make

If you are looking for a motivated, hardworking and committed addition to your team, look no further than the U.S. veteran. The Patriot Group’s CEO, David Dickey advises, “When you hire a veteran, there are several things you can count out. They will be on time, hardworking, trustworthy and will pay attention to details. Veteran are used to being part of a team and many are taught to take charge when and where it is needed.” If there’s one thing vets know to do, it’s to function as part of a team — a mentality that can only be a good thing for any company.

Simply put, hiring a veteran could be one of the best business decisions you’ll ever make. Here are five reasons why.

1. They Live and Breathe Discipline

Vets appreciate the importance of following a tight schedule, having been trained to carry out and complete missions. They do this even when dealing with limited resources. Most of them know how to establish and accomplish priorities on time, despite the tremendous amount of stress they are under. This comes from years of doing tough drills and exercises over and over again, which has only made them understand the value of discipline and attention to detail.

2. Veterans Are Team Players

A considerable part of military training is dedicated to ensuring that each soldier knows how to work as part of a team. While self-reliance is obviously an important quality in a solider, the ability to be productive as a group is one of the many reasons American soldiers are among the best in the world.

3. Faster Learning Curve

From combat and disaster relief to emergency response and handling dangerous equipment, soldiers tend to have an easier time adapting to diverse situations and problems that require creative solutions. In the workplace setting, veterans can apply their transferable skills to help make your teams more productive.

4. Leadership

The U.S. military not only follows a strict chain of command, it makes sure each service member is capable of taking on a leadership role, leading by example as well as through direction delegation, and motivation. Veterans are familiar with the dynamics of leadership, both as a structure and as a way of bringing out the best in people.

5. Appreciation for Health and Safety

Soldiers are trained to handle all kinds of dangerous and high-tech equipment, so it’s safe to say they value their safety and that of the people around them. Veterans are also aware of the need to maintain their health and fitness, having served in physically demanding environments, after all.

Partner With a Veteran-Owned Business for Your Hiring Needs

If you need help filling open positions with qualified veterans, let The Patriot Group help you. We are a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small business & Certified California Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) offering specialized direct placement support to our clients. Connect with one of our professional recruiters today at 657-204-5922 to learn more about our staffing services.

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