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Put The Patriot Group In Your Corner: 4 Long-Term Benefits of Working With an Executive Search Firm

Your company’s ability to hire great talent affects every aspect of your company’s business and levels of management. In fact, one report by the Harvard Business Review suggests that 80 percent of employee turnover can be traced back to poor hiring decisions. In other words, hiring is an expensive undertaking, more so if you’re looking to hire for leadership positions.

But with the help of an executive search firm like The Patriot Group, you can make the process faster and easier. Keep reading to find out how our services can help you.

1. Staffing Firms Free Up Time

Aside from the cost of mobilizing internal teams to run a recruitment campaign, your company should also be mindful of just how time-intensive finding, hiring and onboarding employees can be. That’s time that could have spent running operations, improving employee relationships and generating new business.

Outsourcing your recruitment efforts to a staffing firm frees up time to let you do these things, all without sacrificing the integrity of hiring quality candidates. Remember, these companies live and breathe staffing, having the experience, networks and capabilities (things you might not have) to locate and recommend great talent.

2. The Position Is Outside Your Expertise

In many companies, leadership positions tend to be filled up internally. But, what if you need to bring in someone from the outside? By working with an executive search firm, you are partnering with someone who is an expert in finding candidates for executive positions. These companies don’t just know and understand your industry, they also have a professional network of candidates actively and passively looking for career opportunities.

3. Flexibility

Depending on your recruitment needs, you may be looking for someone to fill an executive position on a full-time basis or as a consultant. Either way, you can rely on executive search firms to adapt to what exactly you’re looking for, being well-versed in placing temporary, contract and even temp-to-hire positions. Executive search firms are able to assess your situation and provide the recruitment solution that is right for you.

4. You Need to Fill a Critical Role

Executive positions, by their nature, are critical to your company. But if you need to hire someone and hit it out of the park right away, it’s best to leave this job in the hands of an experienced executive search firm. Remember, the more critical the role, the bigger the consequences of a wrong hire. Conversely, finding the right person could send positive ripples throughout your company for years.

Partner With an Executive Recruiting Firm Within Minutes

At The Patriot Group, we provide high-quality professional recruiting and placement services to our clients. Because we always want to be in your corner, we offer an industry leading five-year replacement program that supports clients across the country who are looking for exceptional talent. For more information about how you can partner with The Patriot Group, call our offices at 657-204- 5922 or email us at

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