October 10, 2018

Business developers identify opportunities, build relationships, and boost revenue. There are many skills business developers need to succeed – The Patriot Group reviews eight of them.

September 17, 2018

There are few things more nerve-wracking than asking for a promotion. The Patriot Group, a top high-tech recruiting agency, provides the best ways to approach management about a promotion.

September 13, 2018

Have you made the decision to leave your current job for something better? Sometimes, upon hearing about your intention to leave, management will make a counter offer. This offer seeks to remedy the issues that pushed you to seek a new position in the first place.


August 14, 2018

The aerospace industry is growing rapidly, and presently employs more than half a million workers in both scientific and technical positions. Many employees take time away from work to raise children and return to school. The Patriot Group reviews several ways to expla...

July 10, 2018

An IT resume should address your experience in the most in-demand fields to improve your chances of landing the job. Here are the skills employers are looking for in your IT resume.

June 12, 2018

While anyone fortunate enough to receive multiple job offers definitely has a good reason to smile, this situation still comes with its own set of challenges. This is your career you’re talking about, and the idea you made a wrong decision and missed out on the other o...

June 5, 2018

Whether you already work in the United States defense, military and aerospace industries, or wish to explore your opportunities in this landscape, you can’t go wrong joining military and defense conferences. These events are not only designed to give everyone updates o...

May 18, 2018

Many companies begin their hiring process with a simple phone call before proceeding to the traditional in-person job interview. Often, the phone interview will be handled by a recruiter, a hiring manager, or—on rare occasions—by an entire panel of managers and team le...

That's right and no matter how many times we say it, we go ahead and forget it. Today's KISS example is in the resume department. We see so many resumes, soo many that are overdone with graphics and boxes colors and different fonts it makes our heads hurt. So the best...

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