I guess I could have called this “Hiring Good People”, but we all know what it is like to make a poor hiring decision and you are stuck with unqualified or toxic person. Hiring someone that you probably shouldn’t have, can affect the entire organization. There might al...

I absolutely love recruiting and I love helping people, I mean, where else do you get a chance to help positively impact a company/organization grow while helping someone find a great career. No other career field gives you this type of satisfaction. 

Often times recrui...

COVID-19, mass unemployment, stock market crash, racial tensions and rioting. Hiring today has changed so much just in the last 4 months alone it is hardly believable if we were not actually living it. High unemployment has created a shortage of jobs and people are for...

Today’s job market is stronger than it has been in over 50 years and finding people to fill your company’s open positions is even more challenging than ever. No longer will you find a lot of qualified candidates by just posting an opening on a job board. You may be lik...

I have conducted thousands of phone interviews in my career and candidates continue to make the same mistakes. For some reason most candidates feel that phone interviews are not really interviews at all, they are just a phone call about a job, and they can be doing wha...

Leaving applicants hanging is bad for business. Virgin Media found that poor candidate experiences were costing the company as much as $5 million a year, and one survey showed that over 40% of candidates said that if they don’t hear back from a company they’ll never ap...

Choosing to hire the wrong person for your company can be an expensive mistake. The most obvious expense associated with making a bad hire is turnover.

October 17, 2018

As complexity in the workplace increases, accident prevention is more important than ever. Here are five unexpected safety risks that may be putting your manufacturing employees in danger.

October 10, 2018

Business developers identify opportunities, build relationships, and boost revenue. There are many skills business developers need to succeed – The Patriot Group reviews eight of them.

The way you write your job description can affect the number of candidates willing to apply. Your description should use a clear title and outline important tasks.

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